Geoffrey Fouracre Email 101
23 Jan
Email 101

Emails are a bit like people. They have their good and bad points. At its best, email is a great means of communication; short, sharp, convenient and quick. At its worst, email can cause misunderstanding, fail to communicate emotional nuances, and by can irreparably harm...

Geoffrey Fouracre Talking to Kids
20 Dec
Talking To Your Kids About Anything

Raising a child is probably the most gratifying role that any parent will ever have - and arguably, it is the toughest. The article below sets out some practical tips for talking openly with our children about the “tough” issues they will inevitable want to...

Geoffrey Fouracre Too Much Sport
10 Nov
Too Much Sport Is Never Enough… Or Is It???

Each July the world’s greatest annual sporting event is completed. After three gruelling weeks, a star-studded field of the world’s elite in the sport of cycling cross the line at the Champs – Elysees in France. The winner in 2015, Christopher Froome, became one of a handful of...

Geoff Fouracre Helicopter Parents
25 Oct
Helicopter Parents

The term "helicopter parent" was first used in 1969 in the book “Parents & Teenagers” by Dr. Haim Ginott. Ginott used the term to described parents who are controlling and overprotective, typically taking too much responsibility for their children's successes or failures; hovering over them like...